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Best of Myeongdong Street Food - South Korea

Myeongdong is a large shopping district in Seoul that is most commonly known for its street food. It is also a great place to go shopping for anything from cheap souvenirs to high-end fashion. Their street food vendors are lined up on both sides of one of the main streets. There are so many different foods and drinks to try, and they are all very cheap. I’m usually a bigger fan of the sweets, but I always try buying at least one food item that puts me outside of my comfort zone.

The Giant Ice Cream Cone:

Myeongdong is famous for these ridiculous ice cream cones, and while they are amusing and delicious, it does take a long time to eat the whole thing. Lots of commitment is needed.

Red Bean Pastries:

There is a vendor that bakes fresh pastries at his stand filled with a variety of things like red bean or cream cheese. The vendor pours batter into the griddle mold and bakes these pastries fresh, right in front of you. The warm bread and filling is very satisfying. This is one of my favorite Myeongdong treats.

Chocolate Strawberries:

Chocolate covered strawberries are always one of my favorite treats. These particular ones in Myeongdong are some of the best, and still very pretty and Instagram worthy.

Cup of Fried Whole Crabs:

When I ordered a cup of the whole crabs, the vendor took one of the cups sitting on display and dumped it right into her fryer. She fried the little crabs for a couple of minutes, put them back in the cup and handed them to me. I put some teriyaki sauce and soy sauce on top of them. Apparently, you are supposed to stick the whole little crab in your mouth, shell and all. While this was very intriguing, I did not enjoy the texture of these little crabs. The shell was digestible but very gritty and almost had a sandy feeling. This one was definitely better looking than it was delicious.

Fried Egg Bread:

I did not try this one, but the fried egg cooked in bread is a common Myeongdong treat. It is often a favorite among visitors.



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